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Load securing

Securing the cargo is a shared responsibility in almost all European countries, with the precise responsibilities of the various parties involved in most countries not being defined. Belgium is relatively clear in this regard: the carrier must ensure that the cargo is properly secured, the principal (called the shipper in professional terms) must ensure that the transport package is sufficiently sturdy to enable proper cargo securing. The carrier can also ask the shipper for guidelines on how to secure the load.

Art 45a

Article 45 bis of the Belgian law “cargo securing”. This article was added to the Law of 1 December 1975 on 27 April 2007 and requires that a load unit be able to withstand the forces that arise with a delay in the driving direction of 8 m / s², an acceleration in the driving direction of 5 m / s² and a transverse acceleration of 5m / s².

European guideline (European guidelines):
The Belgian traffic regulations do not define what good cargo securing is. However, reference is made to the “European best practice guidelines on cargo securing for road transport”. This guideline is drafted in a fairly general way and refers to specific standards for details. In other European countries, the legislation does not refer to this European guideline. In any case, in specific cases more importance should be attached to European standards as a measure of good practice than to the European guideline.


The European Standardization Committee is an institution with its headquarters in Brussels, whose members are the national standardization institutes of the 27 European member states, of Croatia, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. There is a well-defined procedure for drafting or renewing a European standard. The technical work is done by a TC, a Technical Committee. EN12195 falls under TC168. A proposal for a standard is submitted in English, French and German to the national standardization bodies for voting. Once an EN standard has been approved, the national standardization bodies have a specific period of time to convert the European standard into a national standard, in Belgium eg NBN-EN12195. To this end, the original EN standard is translated or not translated. In Belgium, an NBN standard comes into force by publication in the Belgian official journal, for EN12195-1: 2010 on 10 February 2011. According to many European treaties, a European standard cannot be overwritten by national standards or standards with the same application domain. This does not exclude that the Ecorub products were also tested to national standards, as is the case for the German VDI standard: the Ecorub mats have the corresponding certificates according to “VDI 2700 Blatt 14” standards.

Lashing down

With lashing, the load is pulled against the load floor, which increases the contact force between load and load floor. The inertia force that can be absorbed by lashing is the product of this contact force and the friction factor. In parallel with increasing the contact force, the friction factor can therefore also be increased by the use of anti-slip mats or a specific coating of the loading floor. Wet and dirty are in most cases harmful to friction.

Anti-skid matten of antislipfolie

Bij gebruik van anti-skid matten met een wrijvingscoëfficiënt aan onderkant en bovenkant van 0,6 of meer, moet enkel nog gezekerd worden om glijden in de voorwaartse richting te verhinderen. De ontbrekende zekering van 0,2 g kan meestal geleverd worden door het kopschot van het voertuig. Anti-skid matten reduceren het probleem van ladingzekering (in geval van voldoende stabiele ladingseenheden) in aanzienlijke mate. Het volstaat de wrijvingscoëfficiënt te bepalen zoals beschreven inEN12195-1.

Form-stable load unit

The load securing calculation described in EN12195-1: 2010 only applies to form-stable load units. These are load units that do not deform significantly under the influence of the inertia forces. Form stability testing is best done according to the VCAT40509: 2010 standard.

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