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Certified rubber


  • Europe tested anti-skid rubber with certificate EN 12195-1.
  • Ecorub anti-skid mats conform to German VDI 2700 Blatt 14 standards.
  • Europe tested according to BELTEST 097-T NBN and ISO 17025


  • Friction resistance (μ) between 0,70 and 1,00.


  • Available as mat or roll.
  • Homogeneous vulcanised rubber.
  • Ecorub anti-skid rubber does not crumble.
  • Re-usable. You save time and money.
  • User-friendly for transpallets due to limited thickness of 2,5 or 3,8 mm.
  • Very strong in traction, friction, extension.
  • Easily resists high point loads.
  • Easy to store.
  • Durably produced rubber.
  • The strongest rubber with best elasticity.

On roll

Does not tear or crumble

High resistance to point loads

Pre-cut patches

Ultra Strong

Top quality anti-skid rubber for safe transport of all your materials via truck, train, sea or air freight. Ultra strong so that these rubbers last a long time.

The rubbers also meet the ISO standards

  • ESTL: accredited test lab A for various homologations and spin-off from the catholic university
  • KAHO in Gent
  • KAHO: Catholic university St. Lievens in Gent
  • Laboratorium NMBS Holding
  • Approved according to BELTEST ISO 17025

Save money and time

The reusability of these mats saves on material costs and saves you time.

Extra benefits due to the small thickness

Even with a small thickness (2.5 mm – 3.8 mm) our mats also achieve high standards in friction and strength. This means that when used in trucks, they can be easily driven over with pallet trucks. The mats are compact and can be stored in almost any room.

Inspection organisms

  • Specific use as rubber underlay for transporting heavy loads on trucks, trains, containers, lashing & securing and on ships in general.
  • With all kinds of packaging.

Non-slip mats with excellent frictional resistance

Ecorub anti-skid mats meet the Euronorm EN 12195-1 and achieve very high friction coefficients. The exceptional traction and extension make Ecorub rubber a very durable product. The use
ofthe rubber under the load can go in all directions, it is equally strong in all its orientations. Due to these very good properties, the dimensions of the rubber strips can be reduced and usually on average a thickness of 2.5 to 3.8 mm is sufficient to safely transport heavy loads.

Easy to cut to size.

Save in space due to the small thickness. 50 pieces are stored in almost every room.

Due to the small thickness of 2.5 or 3.8 mm, a pallet can easily pass over it.

Roll out the anti-slip mat to the desired length.

Our homogeneous vulcanized rubber always returns to its original form. No more cracks or crumbling during rough maneuvers of the pallet.

No need to clean up residual chunks or grains. Our rubbers remain one whole.

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