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Rubber barrier as a solution for mowing damage and weed growth


  • Mixture of flat rubber chips, fully encapsulated
    and bound with adhesive into a solid terrace structure.
  • Universal, quickly mixed and placed onsite in 2 minutes.
  • Flexible, conforms completely to the site.
  • 100% recycled rubber through “Upcycling“.
  • Doesn’t blow away due to its weight, so doesn’t need to be anchored to the ground.
  • Movable, repairable, reusable, durable and doesn’t warp due to heat, cold or ageing.
  • Very inexpensive.
  • Fully compatible with “Ecological Verge Management” and “Sustainable Development”..
  • As an alternative for glyphosate and other herbicides.
  • Elastic, follows the tree as it grows without strangulation and damage to the bark.
  • An open, water-permeable mass 5cm thick that prevents evaporation and allows for less irrigation..