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About us

Ecorub develops products based on recycled rubber. In this market segment, the company has been a fixed value in the Netherlands and abroad for more than 20 years.

The raw materials originate from the rubber processing industry. Ecorub mainly produces semi-finished products, and then converts them into finished products. The customers of the green sector that massively purchase Ecorub products, mainly consists of wholesalers, garden centers, professional tree nurseries and technical services of municipalities and municipalities.

The large industry, transport and various port companies have made a resolute decision today with the anti-slip mats that have been on the rise since the introduction of the new European standards in 2009, particularly EN 12195-1. The company philosophy of Ecorub is based on a deep-rooted belief in sustainable development, where respect for people and the environment are central.

Ecorub therefore produces all its goods in an environmentally friendly manner. Even the machinery works with minimal energy consumption. the creation of new products is always linked to quality and professionalism. Retail Products are only offered ecologically on the market. Ecorug is therefore very proud to have had the need for environmentally friendly technology since 1991 as a high priority.

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